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Banzai Cloud @KubeCon, San Diego

Author Janos Matyas

The content of this page hasn't been updated for years and might refer to discontinued products and projects.

KubeCon San Diego

With KubeCon North America 2019 drawing near, we are excited to share the latest developments from Banzai Cloud. Stop by our booth SE74 to see what exciting new products Banzai Cloud brings into the fold. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with our team, register for 1:1 sessions, and experience the magic of Hungarian pálinka (it will be under the table, code word: pah-lyn-kah). Join us for a taste!


What do we do? Banzai Cloud’s products bring Cloud Native to the enterprise by delivering accelerated production, frictionless scaling, streamlined operations and world peace on top of Kubernetes. We will be showcasing the products below but would be happy to talk about any topic that is close to your heart, and hopefully relevant to what we do…

Banzai Cloud Backyards (now Cisco Service Mesh Manager) automates and operationalizes the service mesh. It not only manages the underlying service mesh infrastructure, it also provides comprehensive control over high-level use-cases, such as traffic shifting, and canary deployments, which simplify the management and operation of containerized services.

The Banzai Cloud Platform 2.0 Technology preview, including Cloud Fusion, the industry’s first hybrid multi-cloud Kubernetes cloud controller, which radically simplifies how hybrid clouds are deployed and managed. Cloud Fusion is our new tool for building hybrid-cloud deployments, and scales seamlessly across business-critical on-prem solutions to clouds.

We’d love to see you among us at KubeCon!


Peace out,

— The Banzai Cloud Team