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Istio operator

The Banzai Cloud Istio operator automates the installation, upgrade, and operation of the Istio service mesh on Kubernetes. The operator defines convenient high-level abstractions that enable popular use-cases for controlling, managing and securing microservices. These include automated mTLS authentication, multi-cluster federation, canary releases, and more.

Istio operator

Simplify the deployment and lifecycle management of Istio components.

Seamless upgrades

Upgrade Istio at the flip of a switch.

Hybrid clusters

Core building block for productive multi-cluster operations in single, multi- and hybrid-cloud environments.

Istio operator

Istio-operator defines a custom resource that describes the desired state of your Istio deployment. It contains all the necessary configuration values, and, if one or more of these change, the operator automatically reconciles the state of the components to match their new desired state.

The Istio operator adds multi-cluster federation by enabling Kubernetes control planes running a remote configuration to connect to a single Istio control plane. The operator handles deployment of Istio components to remote clusters and gives a synchronization mechanism which provides access to Istio’s central components from remote clusters.

Automatically keeps track of namespaces where auto sidecar-injection is enabled, so that you can manage features centrally instead of having to label namespaces one by one.

Turn mTLS and control plane security on or off when your mesh is already in place. No need to reinstall charts or to manually delete and reconfigure internal Istio custom resources like MeshPolicies or default DestinationRules. Simply update your configurations, the operator will take care of the rest.

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