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Banzai Cloud announces collaboration with Red Hat and becomes technology partner

Author Janos Matyas

The content of this page hasn't been updated for years and might refer to discontinued products and projects.

Banzai Cloud announced today that it will collaborate with Red Hat in an effort to help standardize the management of complex stateful applications on Kubernetes. Simultaneously, Red Hat announced the Operator Framework, an open source toolkit designed to manage application instances on Kubernetes in a more effective, automated, and scalable way. Banzai Cloud will work collaboratively with Red Hat on this open source project, which will focus on the creation of a new Software Development Kit (SDK) for the “operators” pattern.

Banzai Cloud Red Hat

Banzai Cloud is collaborating with Red Hat on ways to offer innovative open source solutions for developing and embedding operational human knowledge into Kubernetes applications. Both companies are working to help customers embrace modern application development through application containers, container management, microservices, and through the support of a polyglot development model for cloud-native applications.

The spirit of this collaboration was exhibited at KubeCon in Copenhagen, where engineers from Banzai Cloud and Red Hat demonstrated how the companies’ technologies can be used together to create, configure, and manage complex application instances on Kubernetes using the new Operator Framework. At the same time, Banzai Cloud is open sourcing several operators to manage Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE)-based applications, cloud agnostic on-demand volume management, industry standard caches and automatic monitoring solutions.

“At Banzai Cloud, our main mission is to bring cloud-native to enterprise and we are extremely excited about the collaboration with Red Hat. Both companies are committed to open source software and large Kubernetes clusters and deployments. We believe that the new Operators Framework will address a need in the market to help simplify the operation of complex Kubernetes applications,” says Janos Matyas, CTO at Banzai Cloud. “This project builds upon the basic Kubernetes resource and controller concepts. However, developers will have to focus on domain or application-specific knowledge - the project is designed to automate the rest."

“With the power of Kubernetes Operators, ISVs within the Red Hat ecosystem, like Banzai Cloud, can automate their services at scale in a Red Hat OpenShift environment," said Chris Morgan, Global Technical Director, OpenShift Partner Ecosystem, Red Hat. “Operators enable OpenShift to not only be a priority deployment target for ISV solutions, but a catalyst to empower those solutions to operate on OpenShift as they would on the public cloud in terms of maintainability, flexibility, and upgradeability."