Upgrade the operator

When upgrading your Koperator deployment to a new version, complete the following steps.

  1. Download the CRDs for the new release from the Koperator releases page. They are included in the assets of the release.


    Hazard of data loss Do not delete the old CRD from the cluster. Deleting the CRD removes your Kafka cluster.
  2. Replace the KafkaCluster CRD with the new one on your cluster by running the following command (replace <versionnumber> with the release you are upgrading to, for example, v0.14.0).

    kubectl replace --validate=false -f https://github.com/banzaicloud/koperator/releases/download/<versionnumber>/kafka-operator.crds.yaml
  3. Update your Koperator deployment by running:

    helm repo update
    helm upgrade kafka-operator --namespace=kafka banzaicloud-stable/kafka-operator
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