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Logging operator

The Banzai Cloud Logging operator automatically deploys, configures, and secures the Fluent-based logging infrastructure and enables convenient CRD-driven centralized log collection on Kubernetes.


Define logging flows via custom resources, filter logs by resource labels.


Certificate-based authentication between components, log-transfer on authenticated and encrypted TLS channels.


Keep your logging pipeline footprint low and let the HPA scale up when needed.

Logging operator

The Logging operator automates the deployment and configuration of a Kubernetes logging pipeline. Under the hood the operator configures a Fluent Bit daemonset for collecting container logs from the node file system. Fluent Bit enriches the logs with Kubernetes metadata and transfers them to Fluentd. Fluentd receives, filters and transfer logs to multiple outputs. The whole flow can be defined in a single custom resource. Your logs will always be transferred on authenticated and encrypted channels.

  • Automation
  • Security
  • Scale
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