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At Banzai Cloud we do a lot more than work on Pipeline, our container management platform, and PKE, our lightweight CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution. In fact, we’re currently developing a variety of services that run on Kubernetes. These range from operators (Istio, Vault, Kafka, Logging, HPA to name a few), webhooks, K8s and cloud controllers to more general applications that we develop and test each day. During the development phase for these projects, we usually need to experiment and rapidly iterate applications, but, when using Kubernetes, this isn’t as easy as running each application inside a container.
A strong focus on security has always been a key part of the Banzai Cloud’s Pipeline platform. We incorporated security into our architecture early in the design process, and developed a number of supporting components to be used easily and natively on Kubernetes. From secrets, certificates generated and stored in Vault, secrets dynamically injected in pods, through provider agnostic authentication and authorization using Dex, to container vulnerability scans and lots more: the Pipeline platform handles all these as a default tier-zero feature.