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Banzai Cloud announces collaboration with Oracle and becomes technology partner

Author Janos Matyas

The content of this page hasn't been updated for years and might refer to discontinued products and projects.

Banzai Cloud announced today that it is collaborating with Oracle to bring its feature-rich application platform to Oracle Kubernetes Engine users. Banzai Cloud’s Pipeline deployment automation and execution engine enables developers to go from commit to scale in minutes by automating all the underlying tasks that provide convenient CI/CD flows, robust security, analytics and the ability to scale. The technology not only provides significant productivity gains to developers, but also increases operational efficiencies by aiding instance selection and automated introspection of large-scale workloads.

“At Banzai Cloud, we are on a mission to simplify the development and deployment of complex applications while leveraging leading-edge technologies from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and its partners” says Janos Matyas, CTO of Banzai Cloud. “Pipeline provides a rich, open standards-based framework on top of Kubernetes that enables developers to focus their efforts on their applications instead of the infrastructure. We are very pleased to be collaborating with Oracle Cloud, who are also committed to leading-edge technologies, including their unique ability to deploy to bare-metal nodes."

“This is a powerful example of how integrations of open, cloud native services can deliver incredible benefits for developers,” said Bob Quillin, Vice President of Developer Relations for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “By leveraging Banzai Cloud’s Pipeline with Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, DevOps teams can simply automate development pipelines on top of an open, managed Kubernetes service and seamlessly deploy them to the verifiably secure, consistently fast, and highly available Oracle Cloud Infrastructure."

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