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Banzai Cloud announced today that it is collaborating with Oracle to bring its feature-rich application platform to Oracle Kubernetes Engine users. Banzai Cloud’s Pipeline deployment automation and execution engine enables developers to go from commit to scale in minutes by automating all the underlying tasks that provide convenient CI/CD flows, robust security, analytics and the ability to scale. The technology not only provides significant productivity gains to developers, but also increases operational efficiencies by aiding instance selection and automated introspection of large-scale workloads.
Continuing our commitment to support all major cloud providers, today we are adding support for Oracle’s Kubernetes-managed cloud service, OKE – Oracle Kubernetes Engine in Pipeline. We are building a feature rich enterprise-grade application platform on top of Kubernetes - called Pipeline - to deliver a better DevOps experience by automating the lifecycle management of applications. This experience is now available to OKE users as well; here, we will guide you through the first steps of using OKE and summarize the benefits of using Pipeline.