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Suppose you’re working on a project which is running on Kubernetes - like we usually do - and you would like to test out this project on each and every pull request or commit. You can write many unit and integration tests, but at the end of the day, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. A real test would be to start up the application on the same platform where it will end up being deployed in production (in this case Kubernetes) and exercise it with some real workloads (aka end-to-end tests).
These days it seems that everyone is using some sort a CI/CD solution for their software development projects, either a third-party service, or something written in house. Those of us working on the Banzai Cloud Pipeline platform are no different; our CI/CD solution is capable of creating Kubernetes clusters, running and testing builds, of pulling secrets from Vault, packaging and deploying applications as Helm charts, and lots more. For quite awhile now (since the end of 2017), we’ve been looking for a Kubernetes native solution but could not find many.