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Suppose you’re working on a project which is running on Kubernetes - like we usually do - and you would like to test out this project on each and every pull request or commit. You can write many unit and integration tests, but at the end of the day, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. A real test would be to start up the application on the same platform where it will end up being deployed in production (in this case Kubernetes) and exercise it with some real workloads (aka end-to-end tests).
At Banzai Cloud we’re always open to experimenting with and integrating new software (tools, products). We also love to validate our new ideas by quickly implementing “proof of concept” projects. Even though we used five or so programming languages while building the Pipeline Platform, we love and use Golang the most. While these PoC projects are not intended for production use, they often serve as the basis for it. When this is the case, the PoC code needs to be refactored - or prepared for production.