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Banzai Cloud is proud to announce that our open source Pipeline Kubernetes Engine is now a CNCF Certified Kubernetes Distribution! PKE is an extremely simple Kubernetes installer and distribution, designed to work anywhere, and is the preferred run-time of Banzai Cloud’s cloud native application and devops container management platform, Pipeline. Banzai Cloud Pipeline supercharges the development, deployment and scaling of container-based applications with native support for multi-, hybrid-, and edge-cloud environments.
We are excited to announce that Banzai Cloud has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation! The CNCF and The Linux Foundation are expending extraordinary effort in helping to standardize open source technologies that enable the development, deployment, management and operation of next generation Cloud Native software stacks. Our mission is to bring Cloud Native to enterprises and with this announcement, we strive to help push container and cloud native technology standardization and interoperability forward.