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The adoption of serverless technologies is quickly progressing. According to this survey, it’s on par with the adoption of containers. And, even though ‘serverless’ is a very vague term (it can be argued that it’s rarely used in production, especially in complex applications), it seems set to be one of the most dominant trends in the near future in the cloud computing space. While, once, serverless referred specifically to early stage AWS Lambda, the category has matured rapidly.
At Banzai Cloud we’re always looking for products or frameworks that add value to our business, which we can enable in our open source PaaS, Pipeline. Any list of such products would include serverless frameworks. Thus, today we’re adding Fn as a supported spotguide, making it easy for users to deploy Fn with Pipeline on their chosen cloud provider. Before we dive into how to deploy and use Fn with Pipeline, here are a few reasons why we thought Fn should be supported by Pipeline: