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At Banzai Cloud we work with cutting edge cloud technology every single day. Nowadays cloud and container related softwares are almost exclusively written in the Go programming language, so it’s no surprise most of our projects (Pipeline or Bank-Vaults to name a few) are also written in Go. In this post we will take a look at our favorite features of the latest (1.13) Go release. Reproducible builds — -trimpath Reproducible builds (or deterministic compilation) is the process of compiling a software in a way that ensures that the resulting artifact can be reproduced, given certain conditions are met.
Banzai Cloud’s Pipeline platform and Kubernetes distribution tames the complexity inherent in the development, deployment, and scaling of modern containerized applications. The platform seeks to bring the power of cutting-edge cloud and containerization technologies to a wide range of enterprises. “Runners focus on the race they’re running, not the materials their shoes are made of; they trust that their shoes will get them to the finish line,” says Kris Flautner, CEO of Banzai Cloud.