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If you followed our blog series on Autoscaling on Kubernetes, you should already be familiar with Kubernetes’ Cluster autoscaler and the Vertical Pod Autoscaler used with Java 10 applications. This post will show you how to use the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler to autoscale your deployments based on custom metrics obtained from Prometheus. As a deployment example we’ve chosen our JEE Petstore example application on Wildfly to show that, beside metrics like cpu and memory, which are provided by default on Kubernetes, using our Wildfly Operator, all Java and Java Enterprise Edition / Wildfly specific metrics are automatically placed at your fingertips, available in Prometheus, allowing you to easily autoscale deployments.
A good number of years ago, back at beginning of this century, most of us here at Banzai Cloud were in the Java Enterprise business, building application servers (BEA Weblogic and JBoss) and JEE applications. Those days are gone; the technology stack and landscape has dramatically changed; monolithic applications are out of fashion, but we still have lots of them running in production. Because of our background, we have a personal investment in helping to shift Java enterprise edition business applications towards microservices, managed deployments, Kubernetes, and the cloud using Pipeline.