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A few weeks ago we opensourced our Kafka operator, the engine behind our Kafka Spotguide - the easiest way to run Kafka on Kubernetes when it’s deployed to multiple clouds or on-prem, with out-of-the-box monitoring, security, centralized log collection, external access and more. One of our customers’ preferred features is the ability of our Kafka operator to react to custom alerts, in combination with the default options we provide: options like cluster upscaling, adding new Brokers, cluster downscaling, removing Brokers or adding additional disks to a Broker.
Yes, we opensourced yet another Apache Kafka operator for Kubernetes. This might seem bizarre, considering the alternatives that are already available (they exist but there are not too many), so you may be wondering, ‘Why?’ Well, keep reading and we’ll tell you: from design gaps and features we believe are necessary to operate Kafka on K8s, through my personal fix for Envoy, to some of our specific usage scenarios.