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On this blog we’ve already discussed our totally redesigned logging operator, which automates logging pipelines on Kubernetes. Thanks to the tremendous amount of feedback and the numerous contributions we received from our community, we’ve been able to rethink and redesign that operator from scratch, but the improvements aren’t going to stop coming any time soon. Our goal is to continue removing the burden from human operators, and to help them manage the complex architectures of Kubernetes.
About a year ago we published the first release of our popular logging-operator. The initial version of that operator was designed to fit Pipeline, the Banzai Cloud hybrid cloud container management platform. However, since then, all kinds of people have found it to be an extremely useful tool that helps them manage their logs on Kubernetes. Initially, Fluent ecosystem automation was enough to support the disparate needs of our userbase, but, as the popularity of the logging-operator grew, different setups were put in place by our community that revealed some of its limitations.