supertubes reconcile 🔗︎

Reconcile system components

Synopsis 🔗︎

Reconcile system components according to the spec of the provided ApplicationManifest custom resource. The ApplicationManifest custom resource can be passed in json or yaml format to stdin or read from file.

supertubes reconcile [flags]

Examples 🔗︎

# Reconcile system components using ApplicationManifest from file
$ supertubes reconcile --from-file <path-to-applicationmanifest-file> -n my-namespace -c <path-to-kubeconfig-file>

# Reconcile system components using ApplicationManifest from stding
$ cat <path-to-applicationmanifest-file> | supertubes reconcile -n my-namespace -c <path-to-kubeconfig-file>

Options 🔗︎

  -f, --from-file string   The path to the file to read the ApplicationManifest from.
  -h, --help               help for reconcile
  -i, --interval int       Interval in seconds for the status of the reconciling operation. (default 5)
  -n, --namespace string   Namespace to create the provided ApplicationManifest into. (default "default")
  -t, --timeout int        Timeout in seconds to wait for reconcile operation to complete. (default 150)

Options inherited from parent commands 🔗︎

      --accept-license                  Accept the license:
      --color                           use colors on non-tty outputs (default true)
      --context string                  name of the kubeconfig context to use
      --formatting.force-color          force color even when non in a terminal
      --interactive                     ask questions interactively even if stdin or stdout is non-tty
  -c, --kubeconfig string               path to the kubeconfig file to use for CLI requests
      --non-interactive                 never ask questions interactively
  -o, --output string                   output format (table|yaml|json) (default "table")
      --persistent-config-file string   Supertubes persistent config file to use instead of the default at ~/.banzai/supertubes/
  -v, --verbose                         turn on debug logging