Our solution to run Apache Kafka on Kubernetes comes in three flavours:

  • The Koperator is an open source project that delivers the basic functionality of our solution.
  • Supertubes Core adds commercial support and optionally integration support to the Koperator .
  • Supertubes Pro is a commercial product that includes all the features mentioned in this guide, commercial support, and optionally integration support.
Open Source Supertubes Core Supertubes Pro
Managed components Koperator Koperator Koperator , Banzai Cloud Istio operator, Zookeeper, MirrorMaker 2.0
Support Community Professional Enterprise
Alert based self healing
Monitoring Basic Basic charts and metrics Advanced protocol-level charts and metrics
SSL performance Default Default High
Security out-of-the-box
Disaster recovery
Supertubes operator (declarative CLI)
ACL handling: Client authorization through client cert (SSL) when running inside Istio mesh
Declaratively handle Kafka ACLs
Support volume expansion
Manage Schema Registry instances and register schemas declaratively
Observability dashboard (UI)
Kafka Connect and connector support
ksqlDB support

Upcoming features 🔗︎

Contact us for details

Open Source Supertubes Core Supertubes Pro
ACL handling through envoy protocol filter: RBAC integration
Rolling upgrade between incompatible versions
Audit (based on Envoy protocol)

Application framework:

  • Connect
  • Producer/consumer
  • Streaming
Rollback from rolling upgrade failure
Cruise control configuration fine tuning
Allow users to use CC proposals
Client throttling: request/sec
Management dashboard (UI)
Broker recycling