The MENU > ACL > ACLs page on the Supertubes web interface shows information about your generated classic ACLs.

Note: This page describes the ACL component of the Supertubes dashboard. To learn more about how ACLs work in Supertubes, see the ACL section.

If you have multiple Kafka clusters, you can use the cluster selector at the top of the page.

ACL details ACL details

For each ACL, the web interface displays the following information.

  • PRINCIPAL: The name of the Kafka principal.
  • RESOURCE TYPE: The type of the resource the ACL is bound to. Group, Topic, Cluster, TransactionalID.
  • RESOURCE NAME: The name of the resource the ACL is bound to.
  • RESOURCE PATTERN TYPE: The way the resource name should be applied. Literal or Prefixed.
  • PERMISSION TYPE: Allow or Deny. The type of the permission.
  • OPERATION: The operation for the ACL - create, read, write, describe config, describe, and so on.