Banzai Cloud One Eye (One Eye) brings observability for multi-cluster Kubernetes infrastructures to automate the collection, correlation, and storage of logs and metrics.

Banzai Cloud One Eye provides scalable, unified, and automated log and metric collection for your entire Kubernetes infrastructure, including cluster nodes, pods, applications, and services. It works on a variety of Kubernetes infrastructures, including on-premises solutions and cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or Alibaba.

What's more, Banzai Cloud One Eye natively supports multi-cluster and hybrid-cluster scenarios, and gives your teams a single location to query and analyze all the collected data, no matter if they need it for devops, maintenance, or compliance reasons.

Built on Prometheus, Thanos, Grafana, Loki, Fluentd, and Fluent Bit. Managed by the Banzai Cloud Logging operator and Banzai Cloud Thanos operator.

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