Commands 🔗︎

  install       Install Backyards
  uninstall     Uninstall Backyards

  dashboard     Open the Backyards dashboard in a web browser
  graph         Show graph
  login         Log in to Backyards (aliases: l)
  mtls          Manage mTLS policy related configurations
  routing       Manage service routing configurations (aliases: r)
  sidecar-proxy Manage sidecar-proxy related configurations (aliases: sp)
  tap           Tap into HTTP/GRPC mesh traffic

  config        View and manage persistent configuration
  license       Shows Backyards license
  version       Print the client and api version information
  help          Help about any command

Component commands 🔗︎

  canary       Install and manage canary feature
  cert-manager Install and manage cert-manager
  demoapp      Install and manage demo application
  istio        Install and manage Istio