banzai cluster service backup 🔗︎

Enable the backup service

Synopsis 🔗︎

Allows you to enable the backup service for the cluster, in order to create manual and scheduled automatic backups of the cluster, and also to restore from these backups. You must enable the backup service before it can be used. See the subcommands of banzai cluster service backup and banzai cluster service restore for details.

Options 🔗︎

  -h, --help   help for backup

Options inherited from parent commands 🔗︎

      --color                use colors on non-tty outputs
      --config string        config file (default is $BANZAICONFIG or $HOME/.banzai/config.yaml)
      --interactive          ask questions interactively even if stdin or stdout is non-tty
      --no-color             never display color output
      --no-interactive       never ask questions interactively
      --organization int32   organization id
  -o, --output string        output format (default|yaml|json) (default "default")
      --verbose              more verbose output