banzai pipeline debug 🔗︎

Generate debug bundle

Synopsis 🔗︎

Collect and package status information and configuration data required by the Banzai Cloud support team to resolve issues on a remote Pipeline installation.

The command will generate a tar archive, which contains information about the machine used for creating the support bundle, the configuration values and the deployment logs from the workspace, and the description and logs of relevant resources on the cluster.

The following data is included:

  • Timestamp of the debug bundle
  • Banzai CLI version number
  • Local file system path to the Banzai Pipeline workspace
  • List of other workspaces managed on the local machine
  • List of docker images available on the local machine
  • Version of the local Docker daemon
  • Basic local machine information (hostname, uptime, boot time, number of processes, operating system type and version, virtualization, host identifier).
  • The values.yaml file from the workspace (should not contain sensitive data)
  • List of all files in the workspace
  • Logs (output) of all previous terraform runs issued by the Banzai CLI in the specific local workspace
  • Logs (output) of terraform plan, graph and state list
  • Full YAML description of the following resource kinds in the banzaicloud namespace of the Pipeline cluster: pods, services, ingresses, persistentvolumes, persistentvolumeclaims, events, clusterflows, clusteroutputs, flows, loggings, outputs.
  • List of secrets and configmaps in the banzaicloud namespace (without the content)
  • Output of helm list in the banzaicloud namespace.
  • Logs of all pods and containers in the banzaicloud namespace
  • Log of the support bundle execution
banzai pipeline debug [flags]

Examples 🔗︎

banzai pipeline debug --workspace prod
banzai pipeline debug --output-file ./

Options 🔗︎

      --auto-approve               Automatically approve the changes to deploy (default true)
      --container-runtime string   Run the terraform command with "docker", "containerd" (crictl) or "exec" (execute locally) (default "auto")
  -h, --help                       help for debug
      --image string               Name of Docker image repository to use (default "")
      --image-pull                 Pull installer image even if it's present locally (default true)
      --image-tag string           Tag of installer Docker image to use (default "latest")
      --log-output                 Log output of terraform calls (default true)
  -O, --output-file string         Name or path to output file relative to the workspace (prefix with ./ for current working directory; default: pipeline-debug-bundle-DATE.tgz)
      --workspace string           Name of directory for storing the applied configuration and deployment status

Options inherited from parent commands 🔗︎

      --color                use colors on non-tty outputs
      --config string        config file (default is $BANZAICONFIG or $HOME/.banzai/config.yaml)
      --interactive          ask questions interactively even if stdin or stdout is non-tty
      --no-color             never display color output
      --no-interactive       never ask questions interactively
      --organization int32   organization id
  -o, --output string        output format (default|yaml|json) (default "default")
      --verbose              more verbose output