Is Pipeline another CI/CD system? 🔗︎

No, but it can be an integral part of your CI/CD flow.

Where does the name come from? 🔗︎

Banzai Pipeline, or simply Pipeline is a tabletop reef break located in Hawaii, Oahu’s North Shore. The most famous and infamous reef in the universe is the benchmark by which all other waves are measured.

Banzai Cloud Pipeline automates cluster management for effective day-1 and day-2 operations on-prem and in the clouds. It allows enterprises to develop, deploy, and securely scale container-based applications in multi- and hybrid-cloud environments.

Is Pipeline a replacement for managed Kubernetes services of cloud providers? 🔗︎

It’s not a replacement, but a platform thats makes the deployment and management of different Kubernetes solutions easier. It is able to deploy PKE (Pipeline Kubernetes Engine) clusters on top of virtual machines, bare metal or compute resources from the cloud, or deploy and manage Kubernetes services like EKS, AKS, or GKE.

Is Pipeline open source? 🔗︎

Most components are available in our GitHub organization under Apache License. The source code of the other components are available for active subscribers under a commercial license.