To create a manual backup from the CLI, complete the following steps. Creating manual backups is currently not supported from the web UI.

  1. Connect to the cluster.

  2. Check that backup service is enabled:

    banzai cluster service backup status
    INFO[0004] Backup service is enabled

    If the backup service is disabled, see Enable backups.

  3. Run the banzai cluster service backup create command, then follow the interactive on-screen instructions to specify the name of the backup and its retention time.

    $ banzai cluster service backup create
    ? Name of the backup [? for help] (manual-backup-2020-10-27) my-manual-backup
    ? Keep backup for  [Use arrows to move, type to filter, ? for more help]
    > 1 day
    INFO[0093] Backup created for cluster [289]

    Note: The logs of the backup are saved in the object storage bucket where the backup is created. In case you need these logs for troubleshooting, you can access them from the CLI: connect to the cluster, then run the velero backup logs <BACKUP_NAME> --namespace pipeline-system command. For example: velero backup logs nkc2y5siwpuqk-20201030183445 --kubeconfig ~/Downloads/nkc2y5siwpuqk.yaml --namespace pipeline-system