The Banzai Cloud Pipeline platform comes in three editions:

  • Banzai Cloud Pipeline Open Source: If you want to use Banzai Cloud Pipeline by yourself, you can download the core of the software, which is open source, and comes with Apache License, Version 2.0. The use of the Software is free, but we do not ensure any support, warranty or any related service, and the Product is provided “as is” in full accordance with the terms of the corresponding Apache License.
  • Banzai Cloud Pipeline Enterprise: This edition of Banzai Cloud Pipeline comes with a customized installation package tailored for your own environment and cloud providers. It allows you to use custom components and services instead of or in addition to the built-in ones. Support is also included in the subscription package. Banzai Cloud Pipeline Enterprise can also run in your own data center to provide private cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions.
component Banzai Cloud Pipeline Open Source Banzai Cloud Pipeline Enterprise
Anchore public customizable, local or external engine
Authentication Dex GitHub
Cloudinfo public local
Database backend PostgreSQL can be customized
Secret store local can be customized
Telescopes public local
Web UI -