To authenticate One Eye access using GitHub accounts, you must create an OAuth application on GitHub (Dex documentation refers this as a github client).

These applications require a callback url where the authentication process continues after GitHub has finished its own part. As a result, you need a separate application for every root domain.

Create your own GitHub client 🔗︎

To create a custom GitHub client ID, you have to register an OAuth application on GitHub. Complete the following steps. For details on registering OAuth applications, see the official GitHub documentation.

  1. Open the OAuth apps page on GitHub.
  2. Select Register a new application or New OAuth App (whichever is visible).
  3. Complete the form. Set the Authorization callback URL field to https://dex.{root domain}/dex/callback (for example, to if you are using the default root domain).
  4. Select Generate new client secret.
  5. Save the clientID and clientSecret pair. You will need them during the interactive Pomerium installation, or in your custom Dex configuration.