Azure Storage output plugin for Fluentd 🔗︎

Overview 🔗︎

Azure Storage output plugin buffers logs in local file and upload them to Azure Storage periodically. More info at

Configuration 🔗︎

Output Config 🔗︎

path (string, optional) {#output config-path} 🔗︎

Path prefix of the files on Azure

Default: -

azure_storage_account (*secret.Secret, required) {#output config-azure_storage_account} 🔗︎

Your azure storage account Secret

Default: -

azure_storage_access_key (*secret.Secret, optional) {#output config-azure_storage_access_key} 🔗︎

Your azure storage access key Secret

Default: -

azure_storage_sas_token (*secret.Secret, optional) {#output config-azure_storage_sas_token} 🔗︎

Your azure storage sas token Secret

Default: -

azure_container (string, required) {#output config-azure_container} 🔗︎

Your azure storage container

Default: -

azure_imds_api_version (string, optional) {#output config-azure_imds_api_version} 🔗︎

Azure Instance Metadata Service API Version

Default: -

azure_object_key_format (string, optional) {#output config-azure_object_key_format} 🔗︎

Object key format

Default: %{path}%{time_slice}_%{index}.%{file_extension}

auto_create_container (bool, optional) {#output config-auto_create_container} 🔗︎

Automatically create container if not exists

Default: true

format (string, optional) {#output config-format} 🔗︎

Compat format type: out_file, json, ltsv (default: out_file)

Default: json

buffer (*Buffer, optional) {#output config-buffer} 🔗︎


Default: -

slow_flush_log_threshold (string, optional) {#output config-slow_flush_log_threshold} 🔗︎

The threshold for chunk flush performance check. Parameter type is float, not time, default: 20.0 (seconds) If chunk flush takes longer time than this threshold, fluentd logs warning message and increases metric fluentd_output_status_slow_flush_count.

Default: -