Check Fluentd logs 🔗︎

One Eye doesn’t send Fluentd logs to the standard output, because a bad configuration can cause a self-perpetuating process, generating logs exponentially. To avoid this, Fluentd logs are stored inside the container under the /fluentd/log/out path.

To debug the Logging operator, always check the Fluentd logs first. In One Eye, you can access and search these logs from the web UI:

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > LOGGING OVERVIEW > Open Fluentd pod logs. A panel opens showing the Fluentd pod logs.

    Fluentd Logs Fluentd Logs

  2. If you are running multiple replicas, select which Fluentd pod you want to query.

  3. Browse the logs, or use the Search field.

    Fluentd Logs Fluentd Logs

Explain Observer configuration 🔗︎

To display the documentation of the Observer custom resource, you can use the one-eye explain command, which is similar to kubectl explain. For example:

$ one-eye observer explain spec
KIND:     Observer

RESOURCE: spec <Object>

     ObserverSpec defines the desired state of Observer

   certmanager <Object>
     CertManager component descriptor

   clusterName <string>
     Custom name for cluster