Format output records 🔗︎

Overview 🔗︎

Specify how to format output records. For details, see

Example 🔗︎

    path: /tmp/logs/${tag}/%Y/%m/%d.%H.%M
      type: single_value
      add_newline: true
      message_key: msg

Configuration 🔗︎

Format 🔗︎

type (string, optional) 🔗︎

Output line formatting: out_file,json,ltsv,csv,msgpack,hash,single_value

Default: json

add_newline (*bool, optional) 🔗︎

When type is single_value add ‘\n’ to the end of the message

Default: true

message_key (string, optional) 🔗︎

When type is single_value specify the key holding information

Default: -