Throttle Filter 🔗︎

Overview 🔗︎

A sentry plugin to throttle logs. Logs are grouped by a configurable key. When a group exceeds a configuration rate, logs are dropped for this group.

Configuration 🔗︎

Throttle 🔗︎

group_key (string, optional) 🔗︎

Used to group logs. Groups are rate limited independently

Default: kubernetes.container_name

group_bucket_period_s (int, optional) 🔗︎

This is the period of of time over which group_bucket_limit applies

Default: 60

group_bucket_limit (int, optional) 🔗︎

Maximum number logs allowed per groups over the period of group_bucket_period_s

Default: 6000

group_drop_logs (bool, optional) 🔗︎

When a group reaches its limit, logs will be dropped from further processing if this value is true

Default: true

group_reset_rate_s (int, optional) 🔗︎

After a group has exceeded its bucket limit, logs are dropped until the rate per second falls below or equal to group_reset_rate_s.

Default: group_bucket_limit/group_bucket_period_s

group_warning_delay_s (int, optional) 🔗︎

When a group reaches its limit and as long as it is not reset, a warning message with the current log rate of the group is emitted repeatedly. This is the delay between every repetition.

Default: 10 seconds

Example Throttle filter configurations 🔗︎

kind: Flow
 name: demo-flow
   - throttle:
       group_key: "$.kubernetes.container_name"
 selectors: {}
   - demo-output

Fluentd Config Result 🔗︎

<filter **>
 @type throttle
 @id test_throttle
 group_key $.kubernetes.container_name