List of available commands 🔗︎

The following commands are available in the one-eye command-line tool.

Synopsis 🔗︎

Install and manage One Eye

  one-eye [command]

Available Commands:

  cert-manager   Manage the cert-manager chart
  elasticsearch  Manage the elasticsearch chart
  grafana        Manage the grafana-operator chart
  help           Help about any command
  ingress        Manage ingress for one-eye
  license        Show Evaluation License
  loggenerator   Manage the log-generator chart
  logging        Manage the logging components
  loki           Manage the loki chart
  observer       Manage the One Eye Observer
  prometheus     Manage the prometheus-operator chart
  reconcile      Reconcile all components of an Observer
  removeall      Removes all previously installed operators
  tailer-webhook Manage the tailer-webhook
  thanos         Manage the Thanos components

Options 🔗︎

      --accept-license     accept evaluation license
  -h, --help               help for one-eye
  -n, --namespace string   kubernetes namespace
      --non-interactive    non-interactive mode
  -v, --verbosity int      log level. raise to get more detailed log output (default 1)
      --version            Show version of one-eye

Cleanup and Uninstall 🔗︎

To remove the One Eye and any other components from your cluster, run the following command. It takes care of removing these components in the correct order.

$ one-eye observer removeall

To delete the One Eye operator, run:

$ helm del --purge one-eye-operator