Build & Push container 🔗︎

Rapid local flow 🔗︎

This is best used in rapid development workflows, you will need two terminals for this.

  1. Start thanos-operator locally on your laptop, it will target the current Kubernetes context:

    make run
  2. In another terminal create a sample Thanos installation with Minio, Prometheus and Thanos CRDs:

    make install-thanos
  3. Check that Thanos runs properly:

    kubectl port-forward service/thanos-sample-query 10902 &
    open http://localhost:10902/stores

Containerized flow 🔗︎

Build & Push container 🔗︎

make docker-build IMG=banzaicloud/thanos-operator:latest
make docker-push IMG=banzaicloud/thanos-operator:latest

Install operator the cluster 🔗︎

export KUBECONFIG="<kubeconfig location>"
make install
make deploy IMG=banzaicloud/thanos-operator:latest