The sumologic-http output sends log records over HTTP to Sumo Logic.

Prerequisites 🔗︎

You need a Sumo Logic account to use this output. For details, see the syslog-ng documentation.

Example 🔗︎

kind: SyslogNGOutput
  name: test-sumo
  namespace: default
    batch-lines: 1000
      disk_buf_size: 512000000
      dir: /buffers
      reliable: true
    body: "$(format-json
                --subkeys json.
                --exclude json.kubernetes.annotations.*
                json.kubernetes.annotations=literal($(format-flat-json --subkeys json.kubernetes.annotations.))
                --exclude json.kubernetes.labels.*
                json.kubernetes.labels=literal($(format-flat-json --subkeys json.kubernetes.labels.)))"
          key: token
          name: sumo-collector
    deployment: us2
    - 'X-Sumo-Name: source-name'
    - 'X-Sumo-Category: source-category'
      use-system-cert-store: true

Configuration 🔗︎

SumologicHTTPOutput 🔗︎

collector (*secret.Secret, optional) 🔗︎

The Cloud Syslog Cloud Token that you received from the Sumo Logic service while configuring your cloud syslog source.

Default: empty

deployment (string, optional) 🔗︎

This option specifies your Sumo Logic deployment.

Default: empty

headers ([]string, optional) 🔗︎

Custom HTTP headers to include in the request, for example, headers(“HEADER1: header1”, “HEADER2: header2”).

Default: empty

time_reopen (int, optional) 🔗︎

The time to wait in seconds before a dead connection is reestablished.

Default: 60

tls (*TLS, optional) 🔗︎

This option sets various options related to TLS encryption, for example, key/certificate files and trusted CA locations. TLS can be used only with tcp-based transport protocols. For details, see TLS for syslog-ng outputs and the syslog-ng documentation.

Default: -

disk_buffer (*DiskBuffer, optional) 🔗︎

This option enables putting outgoing messages into the disk buffer of the destination to avoid message loss in case of a system failure on the destination side. For details, see the Syslog-ng DiskBuffer options.

Default: false

body (string, optional) 🔗︎

Default: -

batch-lines (int, optional) 🔗︎

Default: -

batch-bytes (int, optional) 🔗︎

Default: -

batch-timeout (int, optional) 🔗︎

Default: -

persist_name (string, optional) 🔗︎

Default: -