To enable Prometheus Sharding via One Eye, modify the Observer Custom Resource and set the number of shards to distribute targets onto.


This is an experimental feature.

The total number of Pods created is the number of replicas multiplied by shards. Note that:

  • Scaling down shards will not reshard data onto remaining instances, it must be manually moved.
  • Increasing shards will not reshard data, the data will be available from the same instances.
  • To query globally, use the Thanos sidecar and Thanos querier, or remote write data to a central location.
  • Sharding is done on the content of the __address__ target meta-label.

To search and review the collected metrics, complete the following steps.

  1. Edit the Observer Custom Resource.

    kubectl edit observer one-eye
  2. Set the parameters.

    kind: Observer
      name: one-eye
        enabled: true
        namespace: default
          values: '{"prometheus":{"prometheusSpec":{"shards":"3","replicas":"2"}}}'
  3. Apply the configuration change.

    go run cmd/one-eye/main.go observer reconcile